Rachel Shamir
When Passion
Meets Chic

The story of Viafelt begins

with a daydream

A bird settles on the window sill and builds itself a nest padded with soft wool, and in it are eggs of pearl and silver.

Viafelt is a transformation of that dream into reality, in the form of jewelry made of felt, pearls and silver, all made by hand.

The components of the dream merge into one aesthetic multi-faced weave.

The felt, from the animal world, brings with it warmth and softness.

The pearl symbolizes flow, clarity and abundance.

And the silver flight of the bird’s wing is the flight of the spirit that fills the material.

In Viafelt, the affinity between the various materials and textures is Magical.

In the qualities that reflect one on the other, in the act of merging – a new, interesting and unexpected message is born.

Each piece contains the “body and soul” of the hands and heart that were involved in its design and preparation; in the work of kneading the felt, working the silver, and setting the pearls.

The jewel invites one to touch and feel it, reflecting femininity and chic.


Dream and vision

Viafelt seeks to create inviting jewelry and accessories “that one slips into”, like into a beloved item of clothing, with which one feels natural. These are jewels that boast a new and original statement, encouraging conversation.

By their very presence they create a new experience.

The resolution of opposites

  • A sophisticated jewel which nonetheless provides a sensation of something very natural, primary and authentic.

  • It bears a particular and unique character yet “readily yields” to any and every piece of clothing and mood, enlivening and enhancing one’s appearance.

  • It has a strong presence yet at the time is almost weightless, light and feathery.